Horses Removed in Negect Case Now Up for Adoption

  The horses that were removed by the State in a neglect case are now up for adoption by auction.  The state is holding the auction to recver  the costs of caring for the 32 horses that were removed from a Connecticut farm during the investigation.  The horses havebeen cared for by the the inmates at the Niantic Women's Prison in Niantic as part of the Second Chance Animal Adoption Program.  
Below is the information from the State of Connecticut Department of Agriculture web site on the Second Chance Animal Adoption Program (|#51130), the adoption procedure, and a link to the photos of the 32 horses available for adoption through the auction.  
 Animals placed in the care and custody of the Connecticut Department of Agriculture through investigations by the agency’s Animal Control Officers are being offered for adoption to responsible individuals or organizations.

The horses, donkeys and sheep are housed at the department’s Second Chance large animal rehabilitation facility in Niantic.  

   All animals presented for adoption have been medically cleared to move to new homes, and a full medical history will be provided to each adopter. 

Many of the animals, however, were removed from their owners due to complaints of neglect or abuse, and may have physical and social limitations that could require continued medical care or special living conditions.  

Potential adopters will be required to:  

  • Submit an adoption application and signed adoption agreement.
  • Agree to a background check and inspection of where the animal(s) will be housed prior to being approved. 
  • Agree to subsequent announced or unannounced inspections by Dept. of Agriculture Animal Control Officers.

Photographs and brief information about some of the animals being offered are contained below.  


Applications will be reviewed by department staff and applicants may be contacted for more information and/or to schedule an on-site inspection prior to approval.

The Department of Agriculture reserves the right to decline applications based upon the needs of the animal and the ability of the potential adopter to provide adequate care.

Located at York Correctional Facility, the Second Chance program is a collaboration between the Dept. of Agriculture and the Dept. of Correction through which inmates volunteer to work with the animals in partnership with agency personnel.

Care of the animals at the Niantic facility is partly paid by donations to the State Animal Abuse Cost Recovery Account, and donations are greatly appreciated.

  To see the photos of all the horses for adoption, please go to: 

     For an adoption application and information about other animals eligible for adoption, please email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call the State Animal Control Unit at 860-713-2506.


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